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  *Below*   NOS & used spares collected over 40 years *  

  *Below*    Original Classic vehicle lights*  

   Below   Original Vintage 1930's Lucas King of the road model C50  Car / Van / Truck  

    Stirrup cradle headlights with brace tube clamp, rim ear mountings.  

  8.1/2 inch diameter max including alloy bezel. 11 inch including  stirrup ears  

   Headlights painted brass bowl with alloy rims    375  

   Below   Riley 1930 's Kestrel ( Centre Riley blue enamel badge  ) 10".1/2 inch pair of head lights black painted backs  

   Including the wings brace tube mount & anti shatter lens's including a  rare centre nose cone.   625 offers 

 Below  left to right  Vintage  Brass pillar/hand lamp 3.5/8 " lens   85  

  2    Nice Chrome Eversure pillar lamp rear handle 4.3/4 " glass rim etched lens, body switch    135   

  3   Chrome Raydot spot light rear handle 3. 3/4 " lens   95  

  Far right   Cibie unusual vintage Chrome dipping  spot light rear handle, sprung mounting 4.3/4 lens   75  


 Below *  Three registration numbers for sale on behalf of a friend   

    On retention Offers please   

       JB 1705  (1930)    UUN 23  (1950)    BPO 53  (1930)   

  BELOW   B16 DOO Weddings, Funerals !  BI6 LRO Big Landrover owner 

   Including Retention certificates and alloy plates. 

   used by me for many years. It is time for them all to go. 

   Also  BI6 MUG  from when we had a China business  All 1500 each 

  1929 Registration   VO 5743  Last used on a Ex Military Land Rover now exported, hence the spacing on the  

   plates below left. On retention with certificate & including the original alloy plates.  1500 


   Below left   Pair Landrover sliding side windows with rubber seals not rivet type.  150 

   Below right   Landrover Genuine early sun roof  "lift out" with glass bag and seal original box.  125 

   Below   Landrover Series galvanised soft top header rail.  50 


  Below    Range Rover classic strong wrap around bull bar with spot lights. tidy condition  125  


   Below Left   Genuine Original USA Classic Trumpet horns 12 volt with sprung mount bracket  very loud.  170 

  Below right     Daimler MK 250  Hub caps some pitting good alloy "D" centre badge's  

    Ideal sacrificial for regular use save your mint caps for show.   45  

  Below  right   Custom  Landrover Defender and Series dual front tow hitch to fit standard bumper. quick removal.   135 

  Below middle   Landrover series 109 / Early 110 blank side panels. Could include the roof  175 

  Full  109 standard hard top roof available. 

  Below left   Arles blue 110 hard top side panels with LR OE sliding windows  350 

 Below Left  Landrover Front outer seats Full set  Military 90/110 or Series with adjustable seat base runners & frames  

   New OE cushions including the stepped side nuts and washers    345 


   Below   Classic Spot lights all 24 to be sold as a single package   250  

   Below  left   Hella 9 inch spot/ fog  lights. chrome rims bronze painted backs 

  Below right  Lucas 20.20 7 inch two spot lights Chrome rim black back  

   Below left   Wipac 8 inch two spot lights with lens guards chrome rim black backs  

  Below right   Wipac 8 inch two spot lights without lens guards  

  Below right   Wipac 7 inch single spot light painted back glass rim   

  Below  left   Cibie Oscar 6.1/2 inch  two spot lights, all black  


  Below right   Two mini "Tear drop" 2.3/4 inch with LED SIDE light and Halogen MAIN light. Brass body  

  Below left    KC Day lighters 6.1/2 inch sealed beam rubber cushion mounts all black  

  Below  left    Two Ring rectangular 7 inch spot lights with guards  

   Below  right   Two Ring rectangular 7 inch spot lights no guards  

   Below left  Rectangular Lucas & Lucas 20.20 6 inch spot lights  

 Below right   Lucas 7 inch fog light all chrome ex Rover P4  

   Below   Pair Bosch  Halogen  7 "x 4"  flood / fog lights 

   *Above*     250 For all 24 lights*  

  Below  Hot Rod ,Rare Vintage car, Commercial . Old headlight's / spot light's base mount's (pair) round brace  

    bar or tube fitting  all bolts and tube remnants remove easy, Heavy brass with useable chrome.  150 


  Below right   Francis Fire & Rescue 12 volt emergency vehicle siren with light, Unbelievably loud ! 

  Above left   Francis Fire & Rescue 12 volt Siren, MOD & Emergency vehicles/ Boats. Ear-splitting can be heard for miles. 

  Above left   Daimler Hemi V8 ( MK 11) NOS fuel pump.   60 

  Above Centre  PAIR Original Early Pre Defender Landrover doors Marine blue  

  NO ROT   with trims and tinted /alloy tops exceptional original condition    750 

  Above right  LR diesel  water heated  Sandwich fuel filter  and NOS pre filter with sediment bowl   70 

  Also other parts 

    High     Ratio Transfer box ex RR classic  3 speed auto.  

  Santana LT 85  five speed gearbox   Disco 1 Transfer box 

    Plus a SL 35 to LT 77 converted bell housing if required.  


  Above left  L R 110 double cab  rear  Iffor canopies with top mesh or sold door. used handy for storing fire logs ! 

  L 65 & R 40 

 Above Middle    Subaru Legacy Outback estate   4  alloy wheels 15 inch  in store for years.  Offers  

   Above  right   BMC Mini heater assembly ideal Custom car conversion.   50  

 Below  Left  Warn CE 9000 12 volt winch complete with Plasma rope, roller fairlead, wander lead. and  

   instruction manual    550 

  Below Middle   Warn M8000 electric Winch.   Unused  mounted on a used LR OE winch bumper  

   including " A " frame & spot lights.  650 


  Below left    Landrover EX MOD NOS Wheel winch's  175 


   Above  Right  Landrover 90 Pair used long side steps tubular, no scars.   95 

  Above middle   Defender 110 CSW 60% middle row  New Old Stock seat Moorland cloth.  85 

   Below left   Disco 1 Alloy front steering guard used  75   *Also one Defender  available.  

  Middle  Disco 1 rear galve tank guard used   45 


 Above Right  Land Rover Pickup Custom made Mesh head board / Ladder rack with work light and rear  

    Ladder rack fits in hoop slots.  185 

   Landrover Defender truck cab roof untidy/ dented with holes, good rear panel with all windows.  100 

 Below left  New old stock Land Rover Defender push button OS alloy door SKIN with FRAME in original packing  265 

  Below middle left   Landrover NS NOS wing assembly NO side vent or holes  250 

  Below 2 right   Marconi 2 way radio Ex Gas Board Landrover working when removed over 25 yrs ago  

    Main body inc Mounting Frame , 2 way handset, wiring harness,  

   In and out speakers plus exterior public address Tannoy   Offers 


    Below left     Landrover Defender 90 3/4 tilt including frame, cab channel, crows feet and swivel clips . 

    Beige PVC now needs a clean due to storage .Was new take off.   285 


 Above right  Captains single chair/seat vehicle or boat 180* degree swivel base with slide adjuster 

   real thing no wobble new old  stock, camper / day van /Custom. bought as a pair just used one.   85. 

   Above   Landrover 90 Leisure roof . Removable custom stainless steel hatch ,   300  

    Your own grandstand for Motor and bike racing, Horse events, Clay shoots, Photography, Wildlife Sight seeing 

    Great for a big dog to get the wind in the face on a hot summers day ! Handy for the bigger parcels  

   I have a pair of blank side panels, also a pair of Thule roof rails  see pic offers  

   Above left & middle  Early Landrover 90/110 NS & OS NOS alloy door skins lift up handle  85 each 

  Above right   Landrover OS NOS wing assembly no side vent early defender side repeater holes.  250 

 Below left  Landrover 90  & Series 88  galvanised roof rack.   

   will fit 110 /109 part roof. Ladder rollers, rope hooks. Clamp on.  135. 

 Below Middle   Pair of Mayflower wheel winch chocks very heavy duty complete rare now 40 kgs  350 

 Below right   LR Series  Sprungflex semi dished 14 " steering wheel with boss   50  


  Below Left  Alloy Snatch block and nylon rope.  100 

  Below right  Classic Range Rover used fuel tank.  50 


  Below left  Morris Minor pair NOS door tread plates  10 

  Below middle   Series Landrover two Servo Vac throttle body's   45 each 

  Below right   Early LOW mileage Landrover 110 RHD MANUAL steering box with drop arm  

  No faults when removed for PAS upgrade.   140 

 Below left  NOS rear trailer /commercial rear lights. 

 Below middle  Rover P5 / Wolseley 6110  ( may fit Austin Sheerline ? 

  ect used dynamo fitted hydraulic PAS pump, and including a spare pump  125 

 Below right   Austin 1300, Taxi & custom car rear lights  50 


  Below Left   Scania pair NOS rear lights 20 inch long. 

 Below right  Five NOS Rubberiod side repeater lights. 


 Below left  Rover P4 early tool kit and tray.  100 

 Below middle right   Rover P6 battery box with top ,seal and plastic headed bolts. *Last one*   60  


  Above far right  Landrover Military Series original centre seat box tool tray  50  

  Below  left  Landrover High Cap tow hitch  NOS  with fittings  195. 

  Below right   Rover P6 rear lights with lens's  50 


  Below left   Early Rover P4 hub caps with  BRASS  Centres x   8   few dings   60  for all eight 

 Below right   Green Goddess, stamped FS. Handled Canvas buckets  with rolled canvas handled retrieve ropes   75  

   Below right   Landrover MOD 11O side lockers jerry can assemblies.  

   Original doors with frames and catches, main chassis cross member 

   galve bottom and back supports scruffy but solid.  185 

  Above Left  Landrover Military 110 side locker doors NOS.  120  


  Above left  Landrover Truck cab roof rack with lights NO beacon but including removable mount.   175 

  Above right   Rover / Jaguar 15" Rimbellishers. 2 NOS unused. 3 used few small dings good chrome  65 for 5 

  Above left  Landrover Pair of early pre Defender alloy door tops tinted glass.  400 

  Above Right  Landrover Series off side ALLOY door top used .  85 

 Below  Left    Rover P4 Original washer bottle with a good top.  45 

  Below right   Series Landrover extended glass fibre front panel complete with Defender grill and   

   two LR bages one on top plus grill. Good for electric fans oil cooler and accessories. Taken off 25 years ago.   85 


Below right   Below right   Rover P4 hub caps plastic centres few kerb dings , look OK from a distance !  45 

  Above    Landrover  Double cab 127/130 for  high capacity pickup body a PAIR of rear slatted bench seats & frames, 

  used for shooting parties, work crew or troops will seat up to eight. Including mounts. Rare original Landrover part 

    Some slat damage due to long term storage  could benefit from a rub down and paint    185  

  Below left & middle  Range Rover  Classic 2 door side glass   tinted NOS including a used top tailgate glass. 

  Two quarter lights, One side rear window. Two large side back windows.   OFFERS 

  Below right   Landrover  2.25 Diesel engine complete with  starter, Twin pulley alternator for PAS pump,   

   plus belt driven Vac pump. was in a early RR conversion removed 30 years ago.   275 

   Below   Landrover rear hard top "Cat Flap" with hinges ,Clamp knobs ,support brackets ect.  

   As removed 15 years ago, quick paint with primer  

   to show condition better  Far  Right   price includes another but damaged & rusty for spares  200 BOTH 

   Below left    Landrover Double cab back seats head restraints , techno cloth.   85 

   Below Right  LR CSW centre Six moorland seats only no frames.   75 

  Below left  Early Landrover seat base's dark green  45 

  Below right   Centre seat with belt & mounts  45 


   Below left Landrover   90/110 full tilt header rail with clamps & instructions NOS  100 

 Below Right  Land Rover NOS Front and rear bumperetts  135 

  Below left  Defender Landrover light guard set used inc plastic clips. 

  Below right.   Rear galve bumperettes. NOS. 


   Below left   Landrover Galvanised  light guards. 


   Above right   12Volt electric winch wander lead, remote & roller fairlead. Disco cradle. 5909Kg  285 

  * Below Landrover Wheels & tyres *  

  Below left Left  2  tyres only   New old stock Continental Condor 750x16 Radial sand tyres  150 pair 

 Below Middle  One only NOS ex display Marshal 235.85x16 Radial on steel modular chrome rim   65 

  Below right   Sawtooth  Fitted Roadian MT 235.85 x16 on four spare no tyre. 


  Below middle   5.  Latitude "Cross" Isometric 750 x16 tubeless all unused  new "take offs"  

  on latest tubeless standard steel rims   575 

   Below right  Landrover wheel spacers 4  55 

 Below  left    5  Michelin Military pattern XZL 750x16 New "take off" on latest tubeless standard steel rims   680 

  Below right   4    Landrover Defender Stud to P38. Wheel spacer  & stud converters with all nuts 

   Below left & middle   5  Range Rover P38 Hurricane alloy wheels 18 inch with near new Michelin latitude isometric  

   255.55 x18 tyres. 


  Below left   Isuzu Rodeo alloys   4  believed to fit most 16 inch Jap and USA  SIX studs  

   including usable tyres   250 

  Below Middle   4  Modular steel wheels with 265.75x16 Insa Turbo tyres 2 as new tread 2 half worn.   250 

  Below right   5   Michelin 750x16 XS Sand tyres on Landrover 130 Deep dish steel wheels    780  


 USED   Wheels and tyres in sets stated  



    Left above   5  235.85x16 General Grabber  with Castor alloys  525 

  Above 2nd   5  235.85x16 General Grabber  Freestyle ES alloys new tyres.  575 

 Above 3th   4   BFG 5.235.70X16  Free style black alloys near new tyres  550 

  Above 4th   5  Wrangler 235.85x16    on superb SVX Alloys  


  Above right    4    Near new BFG 235.85X16  90/110/ Classic RR/ Disco 1 On Alloy Rhino after market rims  

  Left Above    5    Chrome and black Steel modular rims with General Grabber 225.75x16 tyres  

   used but good condition.  425 

 Above middle   4   Landrover Freestyle alloy's x 4 with Goodyear Wrangler 235.75x16 tyres  

  NO kerb or blister damage, condition is outstanding 


   Above left   Landrover Lightweight original ns fuel tank couple of pin holes 

     I have seen them used as secure under seat tool / storage box's with the top cut out.  

    including filler tube & cap   45 

  Above middle   Pair of bonnet vents fibreglass ex Subaru. 

 Above right   Wolf convoy light FV 534864 23 volt bulb sheath 6ft cable with plug later type ,black out swivel cap, 

  also used as marker & No plate light NOS some storage marks  35 


  Above right  Wolf / WMIK bonnet basket  350 

 Above middle  WMIK rear pannier tailgate with all fittings & ratchet straps  650 

 Above Left   Pair MOD LR Rifle mount racks   45 

 Above right   LR V8 Big bore Raised air intake Stainless Steel 

 Above left   LR Series Pinky / Desert ? NOS tailgate cargo net fit any drop tailgate, not HCap.  125 

   Above left   Wolf Donaldson deep wade pre air cleaner including a spare top cover NOS.  75  

  Above middle   Wolf  WMIK  steel grill  95 

  Above right   Wolf  wading top snorkel  anti splash cone  85 

   Above   Landrover V8 Snatch handbooks.   50 each 

  Above right   Landrover Snatch "heavy duty" full rear step with brackets, bolts and spring.  185 


  Above right  Wolf Spafax 24 v heated mirrors. 

 Above left & centre  1st Gulf War 1989/90  Military new old stock smoke discharger 

   disguised as a Jerry can. Own a very rare bit of Army history kit  

  This was designed to pump fuel/oil into a AFV exhaust to generate a smoke screen. 

   for your Military vehicle. Complete with fittings and instructions.   offers 


 Above  left  Wolf wiper motor 24 volt intermittent park fault  175 

 Above middle   Wolf WMIK   *OFF SIDE* & NEAR SIDE  steel snow / debris guard. Fits standard LRs  

     Can be used as spot light & mag mount NOS  55 

  Above Far right   Wolf aerial stalk & base mount with Francis flood / searchlight, removable lens diffuser  195   

         Below middle  Landrover Wolf 110 roof  frame parts including spare wheel side mount & rubber seals.  150 

   Above left.   Wolf WMIK Rare near side filter complete with seal.  135 

  Above right  Diagonal bar kit for roll hoop NOS  85 


 Above Left & centre    4.  750x16 Radial G90 on Wolf steel wheels Coniston green paint.  450 

  Above right  MOD NOS TIB Thermal Identification Beacon original box with stalk instructions & all weather cover.  150 


   Above right  Landrover Snatch os door top mesh used.   55 

 Above left  Military Wing top Aerial mounts NOS  75 pair 

   Above   Military escape hatch NOS original box.  395 


   Disclaimer: Every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of the above information but errors may occur. 

 Please ask if not sure.  

 * emails received with no subject details are automatically deleted * 

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